Itching to Get Dirty

It happens every year.  The winter is long, memories of gardening are distant and vague, and the months of snow, ice and short days seem to go on.  And on.  And on.

And then March hits.  The light changes.  The snow begins to melt.  The temperature flirts with double digits (on the positive side).  We change to daylight savings time.  March break comes.

You get it.  We're ready!  Please, spring, show your warm side!  Let's see some green!  Let spring cleaning begin!

It's been slow to get going this year.  We still have stubborn snow piles in shadier spots where I live, and the temperatures have yet to encourage a good wander around the garden. But it's coming.  I just know it is.

So until we're there, stay warm, it's coming soon.  I promise.  And until then, I leave you with some eye candy from  a recent trip to Italy where spring is already in the air.